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Why choose Dovetail Networks?

It's a simple choice really, you can try to work with and juggle many different carrier direct sales reps, sift through multiple quotes and then get passed off to customer service after the sale is made, or you can work with a knowledgeable, telecom professional with over 20 years of experience that will provide ongoing personal service.  We simplify the process of finding the very best telecommunications products that your business needs.  Dovetail Networks is invested in your long term growth and success.  Our consultative, unbiased approach will always be conducive to helping your business be as competitive and successful as possible.

 We understand that every business is different, so too are their needs.  We do not fit the product to the customer, we fit the customer to the product because we work for you and not any specific carrier.   And with our "carriers compete" process involving over 70 different national and regional telecom providers, you are assured to get the best price every time on all voice, data, high speed internet access and cloud products and services.  

Don't go it alone with your next technology project...

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Our Process and what you can expect.


Everything begins with a meeting, a phone call or even just an email, it's your choice, we want you to be comfortable.  We want to know not just what your telecom needs are but also how your business works and what your goals are for the future. No matter what the complexity of your telecom needs, whether it is simply looking for ways to reduce your costs or designing a multi location hosted PBX unified communications solution with integrated SD WAN services, we take the time to provide the right solution covering all the details.

After discussing your needs, we then go shopping for the best carrier, product and pricing for your project.  We have a portfolio of over 70 different solution providers to select from to meet your needs. Although, based on your location and products needed, we can usually narrow it down to a few providers that work best for your situation and goals.

Then once a carrier and product(s) are selected at the terms and price you are happy with, we get you all the required paperwork and make sure it is all accurate before submitting to the carrier(s). We then coordinate an installation date that works within your schedule, keeping you up to date on any changes along the way that may occur. We will also keep your IT staff and vendors in the loop, ensuring a smooth installation.

After your products are successfully installed, we make sure that any previous carrier products and services are cancelled to alleviate the chance of billing overlap of carriers.  Then when you receive your first bill from the carrier(s), we will go over them with you to make sure the billing reflects what you agreed to and is accurate.

After the bill review, we are here for you whenever you need us, whether it is a simple question about a feature of your new service, a billing question or questions regarding a new service or upgrade. We are always a quick, call, text or email away.

So, as you can see, we make the process stress free by keeping track of all the details, laying out a predictable and measured process,  keeping you informed every step of the way.

Don't put off your businesses gaining the edge over your competition any longer.  Click the link below and let us start the process of providing you the information you need to start improving your business today.